Hi, I'm Rachel 😊 a 21 year old student who likes taking photos of myself in my dorm room. Here you will find more of my photos not seen anywhere else😏

I love hearing feedback on what I post, so feel free to leave comments and send in suggestions on what you want to see me do!

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"Just perfection.  You are such a lovely woman and your words indicate a delightful personality.  Sweet and playful with a deliciously naughty element.  I hope your friends and family know how lucky they are to enjoy your company.  Cheers and happy holidays. Ciao!" - doug
"Seriously the most incredible figure I’ve ever laid eyes on. I followed you for years on Tumblr and then Twitter, but it all got too mch for me and I had to see more of you. Best money I have ever spent.The man who wakes up next to you has won the lottery of life" - Anonymous
"Worth. Every. Penny. Never disappointing. " - bjam
"Funny, nice and spontaneous girl with a flawless 10/10 body. Quality of her pictures are top notch: Hot and erotic but still very artistic and just pleasant to look at." - leanhminh311
"Can I just say, your body is a work of art! Either really good genes or lots of unseen effort behind the scenes working out ;) It’s so sexy to see someone confident in their body and sexuality, keep up the posts please!Most appreciative fan :)" - nickfromafarawayplace